About Us-fabric showroom

Ramos Upholstery-About Us

Established in 1990 by Filiberto T Ramos. We are a family owned and operated business that specializes in furniture refinishing, reupholstery,restoration & repair. We provide just about anything that has to do with upholstery/furniture. We are craftsmen in all aspects of furniture.


How we started in the trade

Filiberto T Ramos began in the upholstery industry in 1980 under the supervision of a family friend (Francisco Puga).  After the birth of his 3rd son (1984) Filiberto decided to start his own business in 1990. Over the years he would teach his sons the trade which they would later go on their own & perfect the skills they had learned. In 2015 Filiberto finally said it was time to retire. His son's Jorge & Filiberto restructured the business to what it is today.


Ramos Family Today

Ramos Upholstery has perfected the trade in all fields of upholstery. Each of his 3 son's has developed their own area of expertise and all bring a unique vision and level of perfection from refinishing antique furniture to creating custom framework for modern pieces.